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University of Toronto, Queen's, Western, York, McMaster, Ottawa, TMU, Windsor, Laurier, Waterloo, Trent, RMC, Redeemer, OCAD, Ontario Tech, Nipissing, Laurentian, Carleton, Guelph, Lakehead, Algoma, and more . . . 

HALF COVER, Scholarship, 2024.jpg

- thousands of Ontario university scholarships, bursaries and other forms of financial aid

- hundreds of private and public scholarships

- detailed information on OSAP

- tips on applying for scholarships

- definitions of university terms

- bonus chapter: sample careers that best match various university degrees

- scholarship information includes amount of each award, criteria, application process, links to application forms, due dates, and contact information

Print Version - $29.95

Kindle Version - $9.95

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